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Traffic Services Unit



The Barrie Police Traffic Services Unit consists of ten members. Nine Constables and one Sergeant who's primary function is to follow the direction of the Service's Traffic Management Plan.

The plan includes the reduction of collisions, orderly flow of traffic, education and enforcement of the traffic laws of Ontario. While the unit's goal is to fulfill the needs of the plan, the Unit is divided into areas of responsibility being investigative and enforcement.

Traffic Services utilizes Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles and low profile police cruisers while on patrol in order to conduct enforcement activities. Equipment used by the officers include:

  • A variety of stationary, hand held, and mobile Radar / Laser speed measuring devices
  • Radar Detector devices
  • Low profile police cruisers
  • Police motorcycles

Traffic Investigators Responsibilities:

  • Collision investigation involving motor vehicles that range from minor property damage to traffic fatalities
  • Collision Reconstruction of life altering injury or fatal collisions
  • Breath testing of impaired drivers
  • Drug Evaluation of drivers impaired by illegal and prescribed drugs
  • Commercial motor vehicle inspections

Enforcement Officers Responsibilities:

  • Education and enforcement of the traffic laws to ensure orderly movement of traffic
  • Speed enforcement utilizing radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) and lidar (Light Detection and Ranging)
  • Assisting with Community complaints
  • Public relations utilizing the 2 police motorcycles

Traffic Unit The Traffic Unit has a dedicated officer who's function is to liaise with the community and assist with traffic related problems or concerns. Aside from these general duties the entire unit is responsible for maintaining the Barrie Police Service breath testing program as well as speed enforcement training to other members of the Service.

The unit also is responsible for R.I.D.E. throughout the year as well as maintaining relationships with special interest groups that have the same common goal such as MADD and Arrive Alive Drive Sober. Member of the Traffic Unit sit on numerous Provincial Committees to ensure information is shared throughout the Province and stay up-to -date with current trends before they become problems. The committees include:

  • Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - Traffic Managers Group
  • Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - Breath/DRE Committee
  • Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - Speed Measurement Advisory Committee
  • Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - Collision Investigation Committee
  • Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police - Commercial Motor Vehicle Committee
  • Ministry of Transportation / Police Liaison Committee
  • Simcoe County MADD
  • Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar