Tactical Support Unit

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Tactical Support Unit

The Barrie Police Service Tactical Support Unit (TSU) consists of 13 members. There is 1 Staff Sergeant, 1 Sergeant and 12 Constables.

Tactical Support Unit Mission

The Tactical Support Unit shall, utilizing an appropriate level of lawful force and making the safety of all persons involved a priority and seek to bring a Tactical resolution to the High Risk incident it is tasked with.

Tactical Support Unit Mandate

The TSU is mandated by the Province of Ontario to train regularly to respond to a host of potentially high risk situations, including, but not limited to: Hostage Rescue, High Risk Warrant Service, High Risk Vehicle Stops, Barricaded persons and Active Shooters. To assist the Team in resolving these situations the TSU has access to specialized vehicles equipped with a host of task specific equipment.

All members are trained to respond to high risk incidents, the unit is further broken down with the members having sub-specializations in:

  • Precision Rifle Operation
  • Explosive Forced Entry /Breaching
  • Explosive Disposal
  • Tactical Rappelling
  • Less lethal weapons specialists

The TSU actively patrols the City of Barrie assisting Uniform Patrol members and provides Tactical expertise when requested.