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Parks Are for Everyone

Parks Are for Everyone
June 25th, 2019 - Police & the Community

With the calendar officially saying it is Summer and with the return to the long awaited warner weather, the Barrie Police Service would like to remind the public that this will bring out more and more people to our parks and waterfront.

These locations will also see people of all ages coming out to enjoy themselves and the Barrie Police want to remind the public that parks are for everyone.

We will see walkers, cyclists, in-line skaters, skateboarders, parents with strollers, dog walkers, joggers and caregivers of all ages. Park and waterfront users should be respectful of the laws and bylaws which exist so that everyone who hopes to enjoy themselves’ will be able to do so. Keeping our parks clean is everyone’s responsibility and this includes putting garbage where it belongs and remembering to pick up after your dog takes care of his or her business too.

By remembering some simple, yet considerate behaviour, our parks and waterfront can provide everyone the pleasure and continued enjoyment that they are seeking when they use them.

Lastly, if you see a member of our Service in a park or along the waterfront, don’t forget to say hello as they are likely there to make sure you and the environment are safe and secure. The Barrie Police Service is “Committed to our Community” and we hope that this Summer you too can be committed to making our parks and waterfront safe and enjoyable for everyone who wishes to use them.

Prepared by: Peter Leon
                     Corporate Communications Coordinator