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News Release: May 22, 2019

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News Release

Prepared by: Corporate Communications
Posted: May 22, 2019
Occurrence Type: 2019 Barrie Police Service Awards
Occurrence #: -
Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 6:00pm

Barrie Police Recognizes Bravery and Outstanding Achievement

The Annual Barrie Police Awards Ceremony was held in May, and recognized the bravery and exceptional achievement of numerous police officers and citizens within our community,

Police Exemplary Service Bar & Medal: The Exemplary Service bar and medal are national recognitions for police officers with twenty years or more of exemplary service. The Police Exemplary Service Medals and Bars are issued by the Chancellor of Canadian Orders and Decorations, and are authorized by Her Majesty the Queen as a National Honour. In addition to their Exemplary Service Bars or Medals, these recipients will be receiving congratulatory scrolls from The City of Barrie and the Federal and Provincial Government.

  • Staff Sergeant Norm Meech (40 Years)
  • Constable Cosmo Manna (40 Years)
  • Inspector Catherine Gillespie (30 Years)
  • Staff Sergeant David Taylor (30 Years)
  • Sergeant David Berriault (30 Years)
  • Sergeant Glen Furlong (30 Years)
  • Sergeant Bretton Haynes (30 Years)
  • Sergeant Ian Hughes (30 Years)
  • Sergeant John Parcells (30 Years)
  • Constable Scott Aldridge (30 Years)
  • Constable Jamie Falkeisen (30 Years)
  • Constable Scott Giovannetti (30 Years)
  • Constable Stephen Hutchinson (30 Years)
  • Constable Robert Sittek (30 Years)
  • Staff Sergeant Jason Fearon (20 Years)
  • Sergeant Douglas Henderson (20 Years)
  • Sergeant Jason Frye (20 Years)
  • Sergeant Carl Moore (20 Years)
  • Sergeant Toni Talarico (20 Years)
  • Constable Matthew Abofs (20 Years)
  • Constable Justin Frye (20 Years)
  • Constable Shannon Green (20 Years)
  • Constable James Munro (20 Years)
  • Constable Segwan Spence (20 Years)
  • Constable Darryl Van Schubert (20 Years)

Civilian Service Pin: The Barrie Police Service pays tribute to the dedicated civilian members who play an indispensable role within the organization. Our civilian members provide critical and essential services; without these members, our service could not accomplish its core business as effectively as it does. These pins are presented in five (5) year increments.

  • Jill Edwards (15 Years)
  • Kristin Evans (15 Years)
  • Audrey Gastmeier (15 Years)
  • Jennifer Mayo (15 Years)
  • Dave McColl (15 Years)
  • Thomas Mcouat (15 Years)
  • Julie-Lynn Thomas (15 Years)
  • Tara Gastmeier (10 Years)
  • Danielle Hutchinson (10 Years)
  • Lisa Taylor (10 Years)
  • Joan Trembley (10 Years)
  • Jennifer Wagniere (10 Years)
  • Michael Boucher (5 Years)
  • Alex Dumitru (5 Years)
  • Sherri-Lynn Heenan (5 Years)
  • Tammy Miller (5 Years)

Life Saving Award: This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for an act that resulted in the rescue or the saving of a person’s life.

  • Constable Curtis Graber
  • Constable Mason Hoare
  • Constable Petr Pospisil
  • Mike Emery
  • Cassy Macleod
  • Constable Avneet Singh
  • Jared Bergsma
  • Matthew Cordy
  • Alex Levesque

Award of Merit: This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) in recognition of continuous and professional representation of the Barrie Police Service through voluntary participation with an organization, board, activity, etc.

  • Sergeant Jelena Rajkovic

Formal Commendation Certificate: This award is to commend a member(s) for excellent work that goes beyond the normal or expected level of work performance.

  • Sergeant Trevor Marsh 
  • Constable Shawn Bovair 
  • Constable Juliette Reynolds

Citizen Award: This award is bestowed upon a citizen(s) that has assisted and cooperated with the Barrie Police Service in such a manner that their actions merit special recognition.

  • Tracy Stevenson
  • Jeff Holmyard
  • Carrie Clark-Weatherup
  • Nicole Barbour
  • Theresa Gaudet
  • Matthew Boyd

The awards ceremony will be available to watch on Rogers TV, Barrie and online at https://www.rogerstv.com/home?rid=23&lid=14.