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Barrie Police Service Annual Awards Ceremony - Media Invite

Barrie Police Service Annual Awards Ceremony - Media Invite
April 12th, 2018 - Police & the Community

The Barrie Police Service Awards Ceremony will recognize the bravery, exceptional achievements and the efforts of numerous citizens and members of the Barrie Police Service on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The ceremony will be held at Mapleview Community Church, located at 300 Mapleview Drive, in the City of Barrie. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and the awards will begin at 7:00 p.m.

The Barrie Police Service is honored to recognize the brave men and women of our service and members of the community, for their outstanding work, acts of bravery, altruism and profound contribution to public safety and security. This year we are pleased to honor six Special Constables with exemplary years of service, and for their contributions to the safety of our city and the Barrie Police Service. I would like to congratulate all of the award recipients; they have our respect, our praise and deepest thanks, said Chief Kimberley Greenwood.

Police Exemplary Service Medal - This medal is a national recognition for twenty (20) years of exemplary service. The Police Exemplary Service Medal is issued by the Chancellor of Canadian Orders and Decorations, and is authorized by Her Majesty the Queen as a National Honour. In addition to their Exemplary Service Medals these recipients will be receiving congratulatory scrolls from The City of Barrie and the Federal and Provincial Government.  

  1. Staff Sergeant Rose Richter
  2. Staff Sergeant Rich Johnston
  3. Sergeant John Brooks
  4. Sergeant Terry Cuff
  5. Sergeant Val Gates
  6. Sergeant Dave Luce
  7. Constable Mark Kennie
  8. Constable Keira Brooks
  9. Constable Eric Savoie
  10. Detective Constable Tammy Watson
  11.  Special Constable Teresa Hummel
  12.  Special Constable Caren Chubb
  13.  Special Constable Jamie Borneman
  14.  Special Constable Jason Clark
  15.  Mr. John Little
  16.  Mr. Roy Gay

Civilian Service Pin - The Barrie Police Service pays tribute to the dedicated civilian members who play an indispensable role within the organization. Our civilian members provide critical and essential services; without these members our service could not accomplish its core business as effectively as it does. These pins are presented in five (5) year increments.

  1. Shirley Dunn              20 Years
  2. Arlene Haggarty         20 Years
  3. Theresa Young          15 Years
  4. Tammy St. Pierre       15 Years
  5. Kelly VanSchubert     15 Years
  6. April Moriarty             15 Years
  7. Caroline Graham       10 Years
  8. Courtney Lotto           5 Years
  9. Kerri Bingley              5 Years
  10. Monique Boucher      5 Years
  11. Christine Atkinson     5 Years
  12. Angela Morton           5 Years
  13. Kelly Kavanagh         5 Years
  14. T.J. Medlyn                5 Years

Formal Commendation Certificate - This award is to commend a member(s) for excellent work that goes beyond the normal or expected level of work performance.

  1. Sergeant Glen Furlong          
  2. Constable Neil Petersen
  3. Constable Kristopher Nicholson
  4. Detective Constable Anthony Forrest
  5. Constable Bradley Bromley
  6. Constable Curtis Graber
  7. Constable Jeff Wright
  8. Detective Constable Michelle Jansen
  9. Tammy Miller
  10. Danielle Hutchinson
  11. Sharon Taylor
  12. Sarah Ellis

Award of Merit - This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) in recognition of continuous and professional representation of the Barrie Police Service through voluntary participation with an organization, board, activity, etc.

  1. Inspector Peter Dewsnap
  2. Detective Constable Jelena Rajkovic

Citizen Award - This award is bestowed to a citizen(s) that has assisted and cooperated with the Barrie Police Service in such a manner that their actions merit special recognition.

  1. Laurel Chappell
  2. Carolyn Dixon

Chief of Police Award – This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for dedication and perseverance to a task that promotes the Barrie Police Service either internally or in the community.  

  1. Inspector Cathie Gillespie
  2. Sergeant Val Gates
  3. Constable Diane Dallaire

Life Saving Award -This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for an act that resulted in the rescue or the saving of a person’s life.

  1. Constable Peter Moore
  2. Constable Bradley Bromley
  3. Constable Petr Pospisil
  4. Constable Shane Keers
  5. Constable Kurt Hemington
  6. Constable Michael Velema
  7. Constable Timothy Ferreira

Civilian Recognition Award – This is awarded to a Civilian Member(s) who has gone above and beyond the requirements of their normal duties in the commitment to the Barrie Police Service.

  1. Maria McWilliams
  2. Steve Witt

Auxiliary Award – This is awarded to an Auxiliary Member who has gone above and beyond and requirements of their normal duties in the commitment to the Barrie Police Service.

  1. Auxiliary Constable Brian Marrett

For all media inquiries please contact Corporate Communications at (705)725-7025 ext. 2926, and for attendance inquiries please contact Administration at (705)725-7025 ext. 2206.