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News Release: September 20, 2017

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News Release

Prepared by: Corporate Communications
Posted: September 20, 2017
Occurrence Type: Female Charged After Causing Disturbance at Tim Horton's
Occurrence #: BA17046777
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 6:45am

On Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 Barrie Police received multiple calls to Tim Horton's located at 2 Quarry Ridge, in the City of Barrie, for a female causing a disturbance. The first caller indicated the female was observed throwing around garbage cans outside and struck a parked car with one.  When the male approached checking on her well being, he was assaulted by the female.  

She then proceeded inside the Tim Horton's where she began throwing chairs and tables then pulled the debit machine out of the cash register. Patrons and employees in the store attempted to calm the female and diffuse the situation which caused the female to lash out and assault another patron and employee.  The female proceeded behind the counter, throwing mugs and grabbing a knife.  At this time police had already received multiple calls and were on their way to the location.  The store was evacuated, leaving the female inside.  The doors were secured from the outside so the female could not pose a threat to anyone further.  

Upon Police arrival the female was taken into custody and transported to the Barrie Police Service to attend Barrie bail court later that day.  The victims received minor injuries in relation to the incident. 

The 18-year-old Barrie female was charged with:

  • Mischief Under $5000 x 2
  • Assault x 2
  • Assault with a Weapon x 3
  • Weapons Dangerous 
  • Breach Probation

Occurrence #: BA17046777

Prepared by: Constable N. Rodgers #6180