Internet Child Exploitation Unit (I.C.E)

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Internet Child Exploitation Unit (I.C.E)


The Barrie Police Service has been given a Grant from the Provincial Government, Ministry of Public Safety and Corrections, to be part of the "Provincial Strategy" to combat Internet Child Exploitation. The funding from this grant assists the Barrie Police Service to utilize one Detective Constable for online investigations involving children and one Detective Constable for Computer Forensics.

The I.C.E unit is run with the assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police Internet Child Exploitation Unit (formally known as Project P) The unit is responsible for investigating crimes against children over the internet; the offences may include but are not limited too:

  • Child Pornography
    • Possessing
    • Distributing
  • Child Luring
  • Child Sexual Exploitation

If you are aware of a child at immediate risk of online sexual assault or exploitation, call 9-1-1 immediately or call the Barrie Police Service at 725-7025 for help. If you find child pornography online or believe that a child is being targeted by an online predator, report the offence to

If you want to report an incident involving child pornography or find child pornography that may be occurring in the City of Barrie and is not an immediate risk you can contact us by leaving an email at [email protected]

If you would like tips on child internet safety as well as age appropriate material follow the useful links at