Homicide Unit

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Homicide Unit


The Homicide Unit is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, four Detective Constables and a civilian who report to the Inspector in charge of the Investigative Services Division.

This unit also works closely with victim families to ensure they have the necessary assistance and support throughout the difficult times and process.

Homicide Unit Mandate

  • To thoroughly investigate all homicides and successfully convict the person(s) responsible, thus ensuring a safe and secure community.
  • To closely work with victims and ensure that they have the necessary support through difficult times, including the criminal court process.

The Homicide Unit investigates:

  • Homicides,
  • Attempt homicides,
  • Suspicious deaths;
  • Found human remains where suspicious circumstances exist,
  • Cases suspecting foul play, missing person(s)
  • Assisting Professional Standards with officer involved shootings that require parallel investigations to the SIU,
  • Assist outside agencies with their Homicide Investigation(s),
  • Any case designated by the Chief of Police or her/his designate to investigate.

If you have any information in relation to an ongoing homicide investigation, you are encouraged to leave a tip at: (705) 725-7025 ext.2160