Crime Prevention Services

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Crime Prevention Services

The Barrie Police Service works closely with citizens, local businesses and community organizations to promote strong, safe and healthy communities. Crime Prevention officers provide knowledgeable information to support citizens and commercial businesses in protecting their families, homes and workplace in the community.

Citizens On Patrol, Neighbourhood Watch, and Parks Ambassador are volunteer programs that partner with the Barrie Police Service providing valuable ears and eyes throughout the city. If you have any questions or would like to join any of our programs please contact our Crime Prevention Officers.

Crime Prevention Officers

Officer Crime Prevention Programs
Cst. Julie Reynolds #6058
(705) 725-7025 Ext.2919
Collaborate Barrie - Backup
Citizens On Patrol
Gambling Addiction
Human Services Justice Committee
North Shore trail Group
Safe Kids Committee

Cst. Shawn Bovair
(705) 725-7025 Ext.2643

Collaborate Barrie
Citizens On Patrol
Neighborhood Watch
Youth Officer