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Court Services Unit

Court Unit

The Court Services Unit is the single largest unit of the Service, it employs approximately 60 special constables and support staff. The Barrie Courthouse is the largest in Simcoe County. It facilitates the majority of criminal prosecutions in our area.

The Mandated Duties Of Special Constables Include:

  • Providing a suitable level of security for the judiciary, court administrative staff, and courthouse users including: legal counsel, courthouse partners and the general public
  • Care and control, transportation and movement of prisoners
  • Assist in the effective and efficient operation of both criminal and provincial offence courts
  • Liaising with crown and defense attorneys
  • Executing DNA Court Orders and provide victim notification
  • Service of subpoenas, summons, and other court notices
  • Case Management of all files generated by the Barrie Police Service

Accessing The Courthouse:

 All occupants, except judiciary, attending the courthouse are required to enter and exit the courthouse via the 75 Mulcaster Street entrance (McDonald Street). All other entrances are secured, and alarmed, to prevent unauthorized access/exit.


What To Expect Upon Entry:

  • Empty pockets and/or remove any metal objects and walk through the magnetometer (similar to airport security).
  • Be prepared to have your purse or bag(s) checked.
  • An officer may also check you with a hand scanner.
  • Persons in possession of a weapon such as pocket knives, needles or pepper spray, or any other article that could be dangerous to the public peace, will not be allowed entry into this court facility. You may return these items to your motor vehicle prior to entering the line. You may dispose of these items in the secure receptacle - they cannot be recovered and will be disposed of at the end of each business day.

Anyone in possession of a prohibited weapon(s) or other illegal articles will be subject to arrest and may be charged criminally.

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