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Community Alert Network

Community Alert Network is an email based program administrated by the Barrie Police Service to better inform our community as to information on local criminal activity, crime prevention, community events and other items of interest.

NOTE: There is no cost to join Community Alert Network.

While the Community Alert Network will provide information on an ongoing basis, it is more than a newsletter or email bulletin. Community Alert Network is designed to make each message relevant to the subscriber who receives it. Subscribers choose a designated police zone according to our Police Boundary Map which informs us as to which Community Alert Network messages will be important to them.

General messages regarding crime prevention or crime alerts would be forwarded to all subscribers of the program. Messages relevant to a specific geographic area are forwarded to all subscribers based in or around that location. The intent of the Community Alert Network process is not only to promote public awareness and safety, but to increase the relevance of the messages publicized to each subscriber thereby keeping them better informed.

This program is designed to enhance overall community sense of well being by providing better communication between the Barrie Police Service and the community we serve. The Community Alert Network provides a real means by which our businesses and residents can assist in making our community a safer place.

Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing developed thirteen principles of policing in the 1800s. The most meaningful of these is the one that states that the "Police are the Public and the Public are the Police". This principle stresses that while police officers are compensated to devote their working hours to policing, the public is an integral part of the partnership and their involvement is paramount to the security and well being of the community at large.

We appreciate your interest in the Community Alert Network. Please be advised that any information you provide is strictly for the use of the Community Alert Network program and as such will not be shared with any third party except under due process of law.

To subscribe to the Community Alert Network, please follow these steps:

  1. Login or create a new account. Creating an account is a quick and easy process and requires no approval. (if you have already logged-in, please disregard this step)
  2. Determine your Community Alert Network zone(s) by referring to the Barrie Police Boundary Map. View this page by clicking here.
  3. Once you have created a new account and have logged in, Manage your subscriptions (by clicking the "My notifications" link in the upper-right of the website header). Note that this link only appears if you are logged-in.
  4. Check off the zones and categories that are relevant to you. You may sign-up for more than one zone or category, including press releases. When you are ready, click "Save".