Canine Unit

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Canine Unit

The Barrie Police Service Canine Unit is comprised of three (3) handlers and three (3) dogs. The dogs are selected for their superior genetics, temperament and trainability. The dogs are paired with a handler who has passed a rigorous selection process. Every handler is responsible for the care and maintenance of his canine partner.

Our Canine Unit is assigned to general patrol work throughout the city responding to a variety of calls including lost or wanted persons, property and building searches, break and enters, stolen vehicles and any calls in which a suspect has or may flee from police. The Canine Unit also provides support to and works closely with the Tactical Support Unit.

Our Canine Unit is also specialized in the detection of all illegal narcotics, firearms and ammunition.

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Our Canine Team

 K9 Handler Abfos and Serge


K9 Handler John Lamont and Thor


K9 Handler Cam Cooper and Thunder